First Concepts


What is Skooppa?


Skooppa stands for

Social Knowledge and Opinion Platform

One of Skooppa’s main purposes is to give users and customers of our system a platform to share knowledge and opinion on any topic at anytime, anywhere (and not just in a forum thread). Knowledge can be found in all forms of information and being able to harness and use that knowledge for the good of all mankind is Skooppa’s basic goal.

Skooppa will be a web based Platform as a Service and network aimed to encourage and promote the spreading of knowledge and opinion among all people of the world.


Are you a user or even owner of an online community?

If you are an owner of an online community, don’t you often want more for your online community and your web site? Are you worried about losing your user’s online time to the bigger social networks?

And as a user, aren’t you sometimes wondering why more isn’t done for the community you are a member of?

If so, you are among friends!

This “blue sky” site (which isn’t Skooppa, it is WordPress) is intended to simply get you involved in our vision of the future for “online community”, web application platforms and the web itself. We certainly have a long way to go with our dreams. However, we want to share our beginning visions with you now and possibly even win you over as future users, customers or partner developers.

With your interest in our ideas, with your learning about our ideas and helping us form and develop them, we know Skooppa will become a success.

It is YOU, our possible customers, developers and users who actually make everything possible, but it is certainly up to us to convince you our direction is smart and advantageous for us all! That is the goal of this site and also our efforts to inform you of our preliminary plans.


The big difference with Skooppa

The big issue with practically all of today’s “online community software” is, they all have decided what you should be doing for you. They are all first and foremost applications. Some do try to be platforms of some kind too, but this can only be taken so far.

The fact online community software is always a solution first causes this intrinsic problem. Once you want more from that application, you then have to search for other professional solutions to solve your application cleft. If you use these other great solutions in their “niche”, you end up with a conglomeration of applications, which don’t interact with each other well on many levels. For instance a blog, a forum and a web shop. The fact they are different software is already a reason for many community owners to not even go to that level of community. Even worse, all these different applications have different UIs and workflows, which usually cause your users pain, not to mention integration pains they cause you as the owner of the software.

Skooppa will be turning this huge issue into its core strength. Skooppa will be a platform first. It will allow creativity in your data. It will allow creativity in application programming and thus, no matter what you need to run or do for your community or website to make it unique and special…. to make it successful… all of those things based on Skooppa will be integrated and easy to maintain, easy to understand for your users and easy to continue to build on for the future.

Skooppa will be a revolution for online community websites, because we think it isn’t the conversation that is really important. What is important is what people can actually talk about.


Skooppa also will be a complete network

Although there are 100’s of thousands of forums, online communities and discussions all over the Internet, there is no real fabric connecting them other than finding them through search engines.

We see the world as either people who know things or those who want to know things. It is as simple as that and we need to take this simplicity to the next level.

In order for Skooppa to be effective in bringing these people together and raising online communities to the next level, we think it is imperative the users  be in a homogenous  network. Skooppa will offer that network.

Also, in order to compete for “on site time” with social networks, especially Facebook, users of Skooppa must have an intelligent connectivity between the sites they love to visit. And, by the way, we want to be better and much more useful than other social networks!


Skooppa Sites

Although Skooppa will be a network of users, the customers of Skooppa will have their own websites and have the choice to be a part of the network or not. If they are not a part of the network, then they are just like every other online community or blog out there.

We hope site owners will join the network, because they see the great advantages Skooppa will bring to them in the realms of user acquisition, user retention, content discovery and content sharing.

But, for sure, being a part of the Skooppa network, as a customer or a user, will always be voluntary!


Skooppa will be a Platform as a Service (PaaS)

There are many reasons for this decision and we’ve dedicated a whole page to answering the question, “Why PaaS?”  The main reason being, with PaaS we can solve a whole slew of problems community and site owners all have and we simply believe cloud computing has a very promising future.

If you are also interested in why we are taking on the huge responsibility of a PaaS for our future customers and users, please do continue reading.

And thanks again for showing interest.


Pass the word, if you’d like to.

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