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Because real growth can only come from a communal and collaborative effort, we’ve started a forum for like minded people who want more for their community.  Join us in making Skooppa a reality!


But before you do…..

If you don’t yet understand what Skooppa is all about, we invite you to learn about our mission.

We have a long way to go! Now that you understand our mission (and if you don’t, please do ask us questions), please read on!


Funding Support

We are in a real chicken and egg situation. We have a lot of great ideas and concepts, which are monumental in proportion and need to be put to the test. But, to do that, we need seeding. We will be starting a crowd funding campaign shortly. If you are interested in helping to support us in a financial way, we’d love to have you help us. Sign up to our community and let us know in your profile  that you would like to contribute in some way or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. We’ll notify you about our funding campaign, as soon as it starts.


3rd Party Web Developers and ISVs

Although not yet ready for you, we will be searching for developers and ISVs who will want to explore and learn a new platform for the creation of web applications. We will definitely help you with this endeavor, as we will have an in-depth developer program. Sign up to our community and let us know in your profile that you are interested in developing 3rd party applications and extensions for Skooppa. We’ll make sure to get back to you, when the time is right!


Skooppa Jobs

We are looking for smart and creative people to help us make Skooppa something really special. If you are interested, please visit our company web site and sign up to be a core part of our team.