New hope for social media and internet noise?

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I read an interesting post the other day about the possible death of the RSS reader written by the CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes. It is a very interesting post, because he notes that a lot of users ” firehose their online content” with the Google (RSS) Reader service. In other words, they use the service to filter out the noise and deliver pertinent content. He also goes on to note users of the service are “scrambling to adapt”, because Google has taken the service offline.

Scambling? That denotes some form of tension. For what? An RSS reader? He left open a big question with those statements. Why is this “firehosing” or filtering of content even necessary or so important to even get people “scrambling” for a new solution?

Later in the article, Ryan gives us the answer.

It (RSS) provides a way to personalize and make sense of the raging torrent of content on the Internet. And this capacity to organize and aggregate is sometimes missing from social media—which can seem random, arbitrary and a bit schizophrenic.

Hmm….the Internet is a “raging torrent of content” and social media is “random, arbitrary and a bit schizophrenic”? Exactly! I absolutely agree and I couldn’t have phrased the issue better. That is THE biggest issue with social media and the Internet today. Let’s put it another way. Social media is just too much BS and the Internet is just so enormous, it is overwhelming. And put more to the point,

if you want some quality information out of any social media or the Internet, you have to wade through a ton of crappy content or loads of possibly off target search results to get to it.

Obviously, when it comes to social media, it does provide a real means to get meaningful content too. There is no doubt about that either. That is why social media is still so popular and more than likely won’t go away soon, if ever. It also offers other means for communication. The Internet is also chock full of great content and so is still very, very useful. But now, with the explosion of growth in both social media and the Internet, finding information that really interests us is getting more and more tedious. For some, it might even be getting seriously annoying in some instances.

The new trend, content curation? Really?

There is another trend which is occurring currently. This trend is just another “firehosing” of content and demonstrates once more the need for a filtering of the social media and Internet noise. It is called “content curation”. But, to me, sites like Pinterest,  Scoopit or the many other curation sites are just more noise to have to filter, even though they, themselves, offer a means of filtering. Talk about schizophrenic.

So how will Skooppa fit in all this?

The Skooppa network will definitely NOT add to the noise for you as a user of the network.  On the contrary, we are going to take you away from the noise and get you back to some sanity.

How will Skooppa be able to do this?

We will be sending you only the content and activity that really interests you. Imagine a system that curates content for you based solely on your personal, professional or self-categorized interests. You will come to a place where it is actually very serene. A place where only the data that fits your interests are fed to you. A place where the activity around the data you are interested in is all you get. Nothing else. You can choose what feeds you want to see, when you want to see them and they are ALL pertinent to your interests and ONLY your interests. Wouldn’t that be a serene dream world to help you gain knowledge faster and get away from the noise?

Skooppa will give its network users exactly that reality. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you how this will happen. It is our biggest secret currently. But imagine it could be possible. Imagine a world of serenity and pure information you want to know about fed to you automatically. Wouldn’t that be great? We think it will be. It is what we are aiming for. Our motto……Let’s get back to some sanity.

If you’d like discuss this topic, we’d welcome you to do so in our forum!


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New hope for social media and internet noise?
Article Name
New hope for social media and internet noise?
I am terribly afflicted with the problem of "too much input" from social media outlets. The amount of information is tremendous and I know I am even missing a lot of information that might interest me, just because it is too much. I would even venture to say, most people are also feeling this same issue every single day.