Our Team

Scott – The Uber Dreamer
  • Conceptionalist 100%
  • Marketing 70%
  • Cloud Computing 90%
  • Perfectionist 99%
  • Management 80%
  • Empathy 95%

Scott – The Uber Dreamer


Scott Molinari’s first contact with Online Communities came through his search for a script to learn PHP and MySql in 2001. He ran into vBulletin 1.0, which was just a budding forum software. He quickly found a passion for the software and it was no looking back ever since. After almost 13 years of working with and for vBulletin owners, he decided it was time to do something on his own.

It had to be something even greater than vBulletin ever was.

Something which offers everything good for online communities, but takes away as much of the bad as possible. And so the idea of Skooppa was born. Scott is using his many years of experience working with the owners of those communities to build a completely new platform made specifically to avoid a lot of pains and to increase creativity and individualism within the online community world. And yet, his aim is to also meld the world of online communities together to make them greater. He knows it is a big challenge and he is up to the task.

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Poopsie – The Terrier
  • Eating 80%
  • Barking at Strangers 95%
  • Listening to Master 15%
  • Hunting 90%
  • Thinking she is bigger than she is 100%

Poopsie – The Terrier

Our Mascot

Poopsie was brought to Germany by Scott’s wife through a humanitarian club for saving dogs from the perils of Romania. Poopsie was an orphan with 3 other puppies and their mother. She was just 4 weeks old, when she came to Germany. Incredibly, the mother of the puppies had also taken care of Poopsie and even let her wean with the other puppies.

All of them would have most likely been killed, had they stayed in Romania.

Although Poopsie was always the smallest of the puppies, she always held her head the highest and looked like she was always so proud to be a dog. She made herself bigger than she was. She still does this pose. Head high. Tail high. In a way, it is inspiring.

Poopsie was the last of the puppies and the mother to also be given a new home in Germany and because she ended up winning Scott’s heart through her pride and her cute face, she also ended up as part of the Molinari family.