Why Skooppa will be better…

Posted By on Nov 23, 2013

We won’t “Build for Budget”

All of the online community software vendors out there are all bound by one main and actually rediculous constraint. All of them MUST develop with the least common denominator in mind.

What do I mean by least common denominator?

In order for them to make a software, which can be sold to the “masses” and also be affordable (or even free), they must design the software to meet very weak requirements. In some respects, that is actually good, because they have to keep good performance in mind, so their code doesn’t run poorly on low budget webspace packages (well some do that….LOL!).

The online community software vendors out there are all limited to only what is available in these webspace packages, which is usually just a fundamental PHP and MySql setup.

That alone ties their hands behind their backs considerably.

With Skooppa, we won’t have these constraints at all. We can design a system using all of the greatest technologies available and even make them affordable for our customers through economies of scale.  So what Skooppa can give you, you won’t find as a single offer anywhere else. The only way to get what Skooppa will offer you is to build your own server farm and create your own “platform” and that costs a lot of time and money.


You can concentrate on what matters

As a Skooppa site owner, you won’t be worrying about scaling. That is, should your site grow, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a larger web space package or server. Skooppa will simply grow automatically with you. Scaling automatically is one of our most important advantages of cloud computing and we give this advantage to you.

You don’t have to worry about security.

Our system has to be secure. There just isn’t any if, ands or buts about this. And should something get insecure, for what ever stupid reason, we will take care of it for you.

You don’t have to worry about upgrading. Upgrades happen automatically. And, mission critical features will only be turned on by you, when you want them.

With all of this, you can concentrate completely on exactly what is important for you! Making a great website with a great user experience.


We can concentrate on what matters

Because we are the “gate keepers”, we only concentrate on the gate and what goes in and out.

We don’t have to necessarily produce what goes in and out of our gate.

That gives us a much better position and gives third party developers and site owners much, much more freedom. And since we can concentrate much, much more on the gate (the platform), the ability to provide quality is much, much better.


Developers and Designers can concentrate on what matters

The symbiosis is perfect, once developers get online and create great stuff on Skooppa. And we won’t be getting in their way with renditions of how we think applications should work. Although, we most likely will be creating applications of our own. We have to, in order to do business. But there will be nothing stopping other vendors to produce even competing applications to ours. It is something we actually want! Why? Because competition helps the customer. (Ok, and we will also earn a portion of what other developers and designers sell, but that is how we can run the business.) Oh, and developers get a free Skooppa site to run their business on too! This is something we’ve already determined.

And for sure our goal will be to support developers and designers in as many ways as possible, so developers and designers can be efficient and creative. The only thing we will be determining are some core systems, like user management and some other basic things, which then developers can use for their own purposes. In other words, they won’t have to waste time developing these basic systems. They can dig into getting their core ideas online faster and smarter than doing it on their own. We just have to be smart about the platform and to do that, we will have very intimate relationships with these great people!


The one and only thing we will insist upon, is that we all work towards a united online community world. Nothing more, nothing less.


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